Charlotte Stamstad (1926-2003)


Charlotte Felder was born to Scott "Scotty" and Lois Langston Felder on November 16, 1926 in La Crosse.

In 1944, she graduated from Central High School and then studied at Michigan State University. She married her first husband, Vernon D. Stamstad, in 1947, and they had three children. 

Charlotte studied to become a teacher in Waupon, WI and taught kindergarten in Onalaska for over 30 years. She also founded the La Crosse Area Parkinson's Support Group. 

She married a second time, to Joseph Michel.

Location: 524 Main Street, Onalaska

1951: Irving Pertzsch Elementary School

2019: Irving Pertzsch Elementary School

Dressing gown: 1947

According to the family story, Charlotte’s husband, Vernon, sent a silk parachute home after WWII. It was made into a dressing gown for her while she was student teaching in Waupon, WI.

Materials: parachute silk, lace, ruching

From the collection of the La Crosse County Historical Society