Who We Are

LCHS is a non-profit membership corporation, founded 1898. The organization incorporated in 1939. Its early constituents called for the collection of historical materials of all kinds and the use of these in encouraging "the spread of knowledge about the history of La Crosse County.”

Our Mission Statement:

La Crosse County Historical Society discovers, collects, preserves, and shares the history of La Crosse County, Wisconsin.

Our Vision:

Enriching lives through engagement with the history of La Crosse County.

Our Core Values:







1870: Known as the La Crosse County Pioneer Association

1881: La Crosse Pioneer Association became the Old Settlers Association

1898: Constitution drafted and approved, officially becoming the La Crosse County Historical Society on May 12.  Ellis B. Usher, editor of the La Crosse Chronicle newspaper, was instrumental in the development of the new Society

1925: A second reorganization of the Society declared the original constitution “in good standing.”

1939: Organization was incorporated

1960: At the request of Alice Green Hixon, the Hixon House was gifted to the Society, the final details being completed in 1965

1980: Completed move into the Swarthout Museum, the new addition on the La Crosse Public Library

1990: Riverside Museum opened with the La Crosse Visitors and Convention Bureau, and the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse’s Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

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1994: Became a member of the United Fund for the Humanities (UFAH). UFAH aims "to enhance the cultural life of the area by encouraging and providing opportunities for businesses to invest in the programs of local Arts and Humanities organizations in an efficient and effective way."

2014:  Relocated offices and collections to 145 West Avenue S.

2017: Introduced our online collections database: https://lchshistory.pastperfectonline.com/

Historic Hixon House

Historic Hixon House

Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum

145 West Ave S.

145 West Ave S.