2nd and Main street, La Crosse ... 1887. White Beaver's Surgical Institute.

2nd and Main street, La Crosse ... 1887. White Beaver's Surgical Institute.

Who We Are


Enriching lives through engagement with the history of La Crosse County.

LCHS is a non-profit membership corporation, founded in 1925 (and merging with another organization by the same name, founded in 1898). The organization incorporated in 1939. Its early constituents called for the collection of historical materials of all kinds and the use of these in encouraging "the spread of knowledge about the history of La Crosse County". This original mission is still a part of what we do today, but we believe there is more to achieve.


La Crosse County Historical Society Mission Statement:

La Crosse County Historical Society discovers, collects, preserves, and shares the history of La Crosse County, Wisconsin.

While our articles of incorporation state that our purpose includes the discovery, collection, preservation and publication of historical records and data relating to the county, and, the purchase, holding and management of both real and personal property of historical significance, we believe that changing times equate to a broader mission. The history of La Crosse County includes the history of all its peoples, from the earliest natives to its newest immigrants. As we move forward, we hope to constantly better ourselves, doing much more than managing collections of artifacts. Yes, we will certainly preserve and protect precious artifacts ... but we will also strive to reach out to community, bringing history to life with events and programming, and teach our newest generations about our, and their, local history. Because, if you hold the support of today's young, you hold the future of history.


La Crosse County Historical Society is so much more than the artifacts that we hold!

LCHS owns and operates Historic Hixon House Museum and curates exhibits at Riverside Museum. LCHS offices also serve as collections storage. Throughout the year other events and programming strive to Bring History to Life for the La Crosse Region!

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