Board of Directors

Candace with glasses.JPG

Candace Brown-President


John Dudkiewicz  

Jonathon Rimmert

Billy Bergeron.JPG

Billy Bergeron- Vice President

Jean Lund.JPG

Jean Lund

Angela Erdenberger.JPG

Angela Erdenberger-Treasurer

Robert Mullen.JPG

Robert Mullen

2018 Board Of Directors

President: Candace Brown

Vice President: Billy Bergeron

Treasurer: Angela Erdenberger

Secretary: Marissa Dickinson



Sue Carskadon

John Dudkiewicz  

Fred Hixon-Glore

Jean Lund

Robert Mullen

Jonathon Rimmert


LCHS Staff

Executive Director/Curator: Peggy Derrick

Collections Manager: Amy Vach

Office Assistant: Therese Waltz