There are many levels of tax-deductible membership, so there's surely something that will fit your budget:

$35 - Individual

$50 - Household

$125 - Century

$250 - Sustaining

$500 - History Guardian

$1000 - Heritage Circle

Become a Member Today!

Why Membership? Joining LCHS as a member says that you are our partner. You have decided to come alongside the organization and help to build the future with us! 

We have to admit, our members are a wonderful bunch of folks, and they all have one thing in common: they love local history.

Being a member has its perks, too. You'll get our quarterly newsletter publication,  Past, Present & Future. Your membership (and any donations) are tax-deductible. You'll also be invited to all of our events, in some cases at a discount or even for free. You'll have a vote (two votes for a family) at our annual membership meeting on the subject of company business. Remember, the nature of the organization means that members are the corporation, meaning you'll have a say in the future of LCHS. Most of all, you'll be involved with supporting, preserving and educating folks on something very precious--our regional history. Members also receive one-time use guest pass(es) for our museum.