The La Crosse County Historical Society would like to take this opportunity to thank the following companies and businesses for their generous support. They have given so much, so many things, so many ways. We are ever grateful for their help and generosity and we hope you will continue to support them as we do.

Thank you to these businesses (in no particular order) that have donated items or services for our Night at the Museum event!


Gundersen Health System- Admission is FREE thanks to Gunderdsen Health System!


Festival Foods- Festival's donation sponsors our Treasure Hunt activity! You'll also receive a very cool prize from Festival for completing the Treasure Hunt!


Altra Credit Union- Altra's donation helps purchase supplies for activities!

Coop Credit Union

Dairyland Power Cooperative


Viterbo Service Learning- VSUM 300- These four students have worked to plan activities and all of the fun for the night!


LCHS has many organizations and businesses that offer support throughout the year, that may not be event specific.

Many Thanks to:

Central States Warehouse

La Crosse Glass and Door Company



We also have a great deal of thanks to give to our AMAZING Board of Directors, volunteers, and friends that give of their time, talents, and resources to help plan, staff, and oversee this event. We could not have a successful event without your support, THANK YOU!