Discover the Silent City- Opdale and Adams

This year LCHS hosted the 17th annual Discover the Silent City cemetery tours through Historic Oak Grove Cemetery. While previous events have included female characters, this event focused on the stories of eight "Remarkable Women of La Crosse". 2016's event saw attendance doubling previous year's attendance. This was a very successful event and we greatly thank all of our event organizers, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors! 

Over the next few days we will add some photos and a little more information on each "Remarkable Woman"

Our fourth stop featured two "Remarkable Women". Reverend Nellie Opdale- portrayed by Deborah Nerud, and Dr. Abigail Adams- portrayed by Susan Fox.


These two women were close friends in life, and they will performed together on the “stage” of Oak Grove Cemetery. Dr. Adams was a medical doctor, when female doctors were rare, while Nellie Opdale was the first female minister in La Crosse, at St. Paul’s Universalist Church, in 1898. As Dr. Adams herself states, “Though we came from different backgrounds, we both found ourselves leading the growing trend of women making bold choices and taking charge of their lives.” Dr. Adams was a New Englander, from a middle class family--educated, but with limited financial means. She came to La Crosse with a sister and brother, and opened a women’s clinic on the corner of 7th and King Streets where she practiced medicine for over 10 years.

Rev. Opdale was born in New Lisbon and grew up in Racine, Wisconsin. She experienced personal tragedies, losing both husband and child, and finding herself in debt. It was then that she found her calling in the church, and started a journey that led to her being called to serve in La Crosse, and meeting Dr. Adams.