Discover the Silent City- Volunteers

Now that we've shared what our re-enactors did for Discover the Silent City- I want to take a minute to thank all of our volunteers. 

Planning for each event practically begins as soon as the current one ends! The first step is to find a cohesive theme for the year. Research for possible characters is a long process. This area took many volunteers many hours for "Remarkable Women".  

All of our women actors were cast by LCHS member, Diane Breeser. The actors spend hours diving into the research of the character, costuming, and rehearsing. Most of the actors at the event had not even attended a Silent City event before! It can be exhausting, but exhilarating, to perform the same five minute presentation four or five times an hour for four hours!

Before the event it takes many minds and hands to plan and prepare for the event! Historic Oak Grove Cemetery is a BIG part of our event- without their help we would not have the great success we have have for the past 17 years!

Numerous volunteers brought food and desserts to help feed volunteers. Many hands moved hay bales and boards for seating. Tents were assembled and disassembled. 

Let us not forget our ever important Cemetery Tour Guides. These guides also spend numerous hours at Oak Grove with mock tours- just to be ready for attendees! 

The success of this event was greatly in part to all of the time our Curator, Peggy Derrick, took to ensure that "Remarkable Women of La Crosse" had a voice in the public presentation of history.

Many have asked if we have a theme ready for 2017- and that answer is- not quite yet! We are just getting the planning together for the next event. If you have an interest in being involved with LCHS, or Discover the Silent City, please contact our office!