Discover the Silent City- Levy

This year LCHS hosted the 17th annual Discover the Silent City cemetery tours through Historic Oak Grove Cemetery. While previous events have included female characters, this event focused on the stories of eight "Remarkable Women of La Crosse". 2016's event saw attendance doubling previous year's attendance. This was a very successful event and we greatly thank all of our event organizers, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors! 

Over the next few days we will add some photos and a little more information on each "Remarkable Woman"

Our first stop was Fredericka Augusta Levy- portrayed by Dorina Lukins, and her neice- portrayed by Parker Blumentritt . 

Fredericka Augusta and her husband John Levy came to La Crosse in 1846 when the white settlement of Prairie La Crosse consisted of a smattering of crude log homes along the riverbank. They opened a store attached to their house, which also served as La Crosse’s first hotel. Augusta and John welcomed and assisted new settlers, ran the post office, and opened their home for church services for several denominations. John Levy served as one of the town’s first mayors. During the frequent times when John was away trading, Augusta ran the store and hotel.