Discover the Silent City- Dr. Lottirdge

This year LCHS hosted the 17th annual Discover the Silent City cemetery tours through Historic Oak Grove Cemetery. While previous events have included female characters, this event focused on the stories of eight "Remarkable Women of La Crosse". 2016's event saw attendance doubling previous year's attendance. This was a very successful event and we greatly thank all of our event organizers, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors! 

Over the next few days we will add some photos and a little more information on each "Remarkable Woman"

Our second stop was to visit Mary Elizabeth Parker Finney Lottridge- portrayed by Sara Slayton.

Dr. Lottridge was one of the first women in the United States to receive a degree in medicine and a license to practice both surgery and medicine. She studied medicine in Ohio, graduated in 1855, and practiced in West Salem for over forty years. Her first husband, had been a doctor, and she accompanied him on his rounds, discovering that she had an interest and talent for the work. When he died, she undertook medical training, and subsequently accompanied her father to La Crosse, along with her two children. There she married Leonard Lottridge. In 1876 they purchased the octagonal house in West Salem, built in 1866 by Dr. Horace Palmer. The attached stable made it possible for Dr. Lottidge to get into her buggy or sleigh without going outside in bad weather.