The Wine Guyz Rocks!

TLR_4039 web copy.jpg

Yeah, we surely do stand by that statement.  On Tuesday, March 4th, the Wine Guyz hosted our History Happy Hour fundraiser, at which customers and LCHS friends and members got together for a little trivia, some great wines and some delectable dishes. LCHS board members served and bussed tables and the Wine Guyz allowed us to keep our tips and further donated a generous percentage of sales to the Society.

Also at the event was a book signing by Paul Beck and Laura Godden. The two have just penned and published a book, part of the Post Card History Series, featuring cards about La Crosse. 

A history quiz was passed about and more than a few people did their best to try and beat the odds. No word yet if anyone aced it! And, Rick Mueller brought copies of the newest issue of La Crosse Magazine featuring our our cover story, which were available for anyone who wanted to have one or more.

We want to thank all who came, all that donated and especially, offer our profound gratitude to The Wine Guyz for their warmth and generosity! Cheers ... *clink*. (The sound of two glasses in a toast)