Welcome To Society Headlines

"Society Headlines"

LCHS would like to welcome you to our newest blog, Society Headlines. I guess the newest news is the big change in our web site. As you browse around the links at the top you'll discover all kinds of new content, including lots of informational, useful and most importantly, FUN stuff. You can spend hours exploring links to history, take a local history quiz, or even submit your own site content such as articles or photos from your own historical family albums. And, there's so much more! We're also committed to keep fresh content coming because we want you to come back for more. 

This exciting new change is part of our vision to increase public awareness of the La Crosse County Historical Society and to establish our brand. We hope to find more lovers of history. We hope to attract more members and volunteers. We hope to use our resources to further the mission of encouraging "the spread of knowledge about the history of La Crosse County".

Of course, upcoming events always qualify as "news", but we want you to know about other things, too. That's what this blog will be for. When something of interest comes up, I'll drop it into Society Headlines. You can like and share the posts at the bottom left of each post. Published posts will also be directly sent to our Facebook Page where you can like and share. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new site and its content, and spread the word.

Look for my next blog post within the week!  Something newsworthy cometh!    -- Clay Riness