Answers to History Quiz #4

  1. Badgers
  2. Town of Shelby (at the site of the Hillview Health Care Center)
  3. True … to protect people injured on the job
  4. She was an early madam in La Crosse’s red light district.
  5. The McGilvray Bottoms, now the Van Loon Wildlife Area
  6. The Mindoro Cut …the second-deepest hand-hewn cut in the Western Hemisphere
  7. An Aleutian island and fishing village
  8. Peace
  9. 1849
  10. O Strange New World

Answers to History Quiz #3

  1. Logan High School
  2. West Salem
  3. The Bad Axe Massacre (a.k.a. “Battle of the Bad Axe”) in August of 1832
  4. False. Rather, about two thirds of the farms were dairy operations.
  5. "The Baron of Brice Prairie"
  6. A tractor … first manufactured in Minneapolis, and later by the La Crosse Tractor Company.
  7. The T.B. Stoddard, after the city’s first mayor.
  8. Independent French traders known as coureurs de bois, or “French voyageurs”
  9. True … in 1956
  10. Lumber baron A.W. Pettibone, also a mayor of La Crosse during the Civil War.

Answers to History Quiz #2

  1. Alice Green Hixon, second wife of Frank, Gideon’s eldest son
  2. Irma
  3. Rubber horse shoes
  4. John Dillinger
  5. Patrick Zielke
  6. Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
  7. Oslo
  8. In private homes, as it was before the building of St. Elias Orthodox Church
  9. False … the case was never solved
  10. Samuels' Cave, also known as Brown's Cave, Pictured Cave, or Mystery Cave

Answers to History Quiz #1

  1. Thomas Benton Stoddard
  2. 1970s
  3. Black River
  4. First Lutheran Evangelical Church
  5. Henry Bliss
  6. True
  7. Lake Park
  8. 1943 ... the only year it was issued in an effort to assist in the war effort.
  9. G. Heileman Brewing Co.
  10. True ... and German, and Swiss, and ....