New Experiences


My name is Sofia Kinzer, I am a student in the Archaeological Studies Major at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. I also study Anthropology and Linguistics, which I have chosen as my minors. I moved to La Crosse from Saint Paul, Minnesota two years ago to attend UW La-Crosse and have been loving it ever since. As a junior in UW-L’s archaeology program, I’m delving deeper into the discipline and more specific areas of study. My current interests lie in the archaeology of the Ancient Near East, more specifically, Ancient Egypt.

I am very excited about the opportunity that I have been given by the La Crosse County Historical Society to serve as an intern and have been doing so since the beginning of fall semester. Curation is a very important part of archaeology and I am excited to use this opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge of the curation process. I am also very excited to learn more about the history of La Crosse as I am not from the area.

In my time at La Crosse County Historical thus far, I have catalogued many interesting historic objects from different collections, some of which include: cookbooks, buttons, silverware, china, and shoes. I have also begun to work with some specific artifacts more intimately to create 3D digital reproductions of the objects which can be viewed online by the public. This is an ongoing process which I hope to further develop in this setting with the help of Dr. David Anderson of the Archaeological Studies Department at UW La-Crosse.