The dedicated efforts devoted to upholding the mission and values integral to the La Crosse County Historical Society unavoidably incur some expenses. Some of these are smaller costs — the resources that allow regular day-to-day logistics to run smoothly. Other expenses, however, are larger, periodic investments which facilitate the overall forward progress of LCHS. Your contribution, regardless of form or quantity, will aid LCHS in surmounting the budgetary barriers standing between us and our goals.

LCHS graciously accepts gifts in whichever form is most convenient to you or your organization. A monetary donation of any amount will never fail to assist LCHS efforts in one way or another — every little bit helps! Additionally, you or your organization may offer to provide goods and/or services for one of the many events LCHS holds regularly. Otherwise, LCHS will gladly accept discounted rates on contracted services or merchandise needed for daily operations and programming.

Consider the difference your contribution would make to a community-focused nonprofit organization like LCHS — not to mention the undeniably positive way your generosity inevitably reflects upon you and/or your own organization.

Tax Disclaimer: La Crosse County Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Items or funds donated to LCHS may be a tax deductible expense.