La Crosse County Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Items or funds donated to LCHS may be a tax deductible expense.

Every dollar counts. The cost of maintaining three properties, renting space for larger artifacts, and hiring staff is an enormous challenge to keep moving forward. However, we can do it with the help of volunteers, memberships, and donated funding, as well as goods and services.

Something as simple as a few dollars will pay for a ream of paper for the office printer. A hundred dollars will help with a heating bill. A $50,000 gift from a like-minded corporation will ... well, you can only imagine. You could donate in memory of a loved one. You or your company can offer to donate goods or services for an event. Your company could offer discounted prices on contracted services or merchandise we need. All of these acts of generosity are blessings to us. We welcome any help anyone can offer.