Bottles, Bottles, and More Bottles Part 2

Another thing that I found while working on this project isn't strictly a bottle, but a label from a bottle. This label came from a product that has the nickname of "Puke Weed" or "Indian Tobacco".According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, in the 19th century American physicians used this to induce vomiting to remove toxins from body. It was also used as a remedy for respiratory conditions when smoked. Up until 1993 it was also used as a nicotine substitute to help people quit smoking. However, if used in the wrong manner without doctor supervision it is a potentially toxic herb that has symptoms such as dry mouth, convulsions and even comas. Due to the fact that the label is clear glass, we had to carefully set it up against a plain white coffee mug so that you could actually read it, which you can just see the handle of on the left side.