Living Hmong Life in La Crosse is a project of the La Crosse County Historical Society (LCHS). In 2015, LCHS received a collection of Hmong artifacts, which included four albums with roughly 1,500 photos. The photos donated sparked an interest in Hmong life in La Crosse County. LCHS is in the process of documenting Hmong history in the region, as well as organizations that helped Hmong refugees settle into life in the Midwest. Although the project is still developing, LCHS is working towards creating an online, community-curated exhibit of the photos.

We are currently trying to identify the people in the photos and get in contact with anyone who has information about Hmong history in La Crosse or will like to share an experience.

These are a few of the photos that we are actively trying to identify. If you have any information that you would like to share, please fill out the form provided below.

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