Living Hmong Life Project


In 2015, four photo albums containing about 1,500 photos of early Hmong settlement in La Crosse were donated to La Crosse County Historical Society. 

The photos have been scanned and digitized so that they can be displayed in an online gallery space.

In addition to preserving the photos, we are collaborating with the Hmoob Cultural and Community Agency (HCCA) to identify the photos so that they can be used in future exhibitions and research. 

Funding is currently is being sought to create an online, community created exhibit of the photos.

This is the beginning of documenting the history of Hmong resettlement in La Crosse.

Living Hmong Life is a joint project between the HCCA and the La Crosse County Historical Society (LCHS). We are working together to create a community-curated website that will document the history of Hmong resettlement in our region. For people like Tony, the importance of this project is deeply personal and fundamental to the identity and recognition of his community. 


Naohoua Tony Yang came to La Crosse as a small child. He and his family were political refugees from Laos by way of a refugee camp in ThailandToday, Tony is an American citizen working as a liaison to the La Crosse School District. He is a board member of the Hmong Cultural and Community Agency here in La Crosse, and he also serves on the advisory board to Living Hmong Life in La Crosse.


I like working with the La Crosse County Historical Society because, for the past year, they have been working hard at putting the Living Hmong Life Project together. This great project is a piece of Hmong history in La Crosse. When people look at Living Hmong Life, there are two things that I want people to remember. First, I want Hmong people to say, this is my history. When others look at Living Hmong Life, I hope they can say, this is the strength of our La Crosse community, and we are proud of it.

– Naohoua Tony Yang