Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the museum located?

La Crosse County Historical Society operates at three different locations:

Riverside Museum located at 410 East Veterans Memorial Drive, La Crosse, WI.

Historic Hixon House located at 429 7th St. North, La Crosse, WI 54601

We also have our main office location at 145 West St South, La Crosse. This is not a museum location. This is the home of our collections- in storage- and our office. 

What are your operating hours?

Hixon House

Open from Memorial Day through Labor Day

 Tuesday - Saturday 10am-2pm (last tour starts at 2pm).  

Tickets are available online or at the Museum

Group tours are available year round for groups with 10 people or more. 

Riverside Museum

Hours: Monday through Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Tickets are available online or at the Museum

Please call the LCHS Offices at (608)782-1980 to plan your trip!

Can I plan a group tour?

Group tours for all ages are available at Riverside Museum and Historic Hixon House are scheduled through the LCHS office.  Riverside Museum is designed to fit the curriculum of the La Crosse areas second grade schools. Guides are                available for tours, or you can visit the museum self-guided. Riverside Museum may be a great outing for your Boy Scout          or Girl Scout troop!

Historic Hixon House is a docent led tour through the home built by Gideon Hixon. Tours are available for students in the 4th-12th grades. This tour may also be a great trip for your troop or a family reunion!

Please call for dates and rates for your group!

How can I donate items to LCHS?

We LOVE that you are considering donating items to LCHS! Are you asking to donate goods or items to help offset event costs? GREAT! Please call our office (608) 782-1980 during business hours. 

Are you asking to donate items that you feel have a historic significance to La Crosse County? Please read this information from our curator on how to donate.

How can I join LCHS?

We have many levels of Membership! Members get the first information on events and even free or reduced pricing! Check out Membership information here.

Why is Hixon House closed in the winter?

Visitors to historic homes have steadily declined over the years. As visitors have reduced so have our hours. It actually costs quite a bit to heat Hixon House and the Visitor's Center, and with very few to no visitors each day it stays closed to keep costs down for LCHS. You can call the office at (608) 782-1980 to schedule a tour group, in the winter months we            ask that groups be no smaller than ten people.

How can I donate funds to LCHS?

Thank you for considering a donation La Crosse County Historical Society! You can use the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of this page or mail a check to our office, 145 West Ave South La Crosse, WI 54601