Newbie Excitement

Hi!  I'm Amy Seelow and I am an archaeology major at UW-L.  I am excited to be interning this fall with the Historical Society.  I've loved history for as long as I can remember and I always like to learn something new!

As you all know, we are on the move, and I'm the lucky one that gets to do a lot of the packing!  I find it exciting, because I am getting to see all of the artifacts that are in the collection in a short amount of time.  

My favorite area of the collections to pack so far was all of the medical supplies.  There were so many bottles that still contained their original contents and labels.  Some of this stuff seemed a bit hazardous, but it was all still perfectly sealed and harmless.  Things have changed a lot since then, but it's fascinating to see some of the cure-all medications from back in the day.

Now onto another packing adventure!