Spring Cleaning....in the Fall, Dollhouse Style.

As Peggy said....we are moving house, literally!  While we were moving boxes the other day, I finally got to see the dollhouse.  (I've been waiting for this since the beginning of summer).  Peggy said that I could have the privilege of cleaning it up and fixing it, so that it can be displayed at West Ave.  

Thanks to Kevin Vach and Bob Mullen, the dollhouse is safely moved to West Ave!

Peggy has already posted some pictures of volunteers moving the dollhouse, so now I'm going to slowly show you the inside as I get it ready to display.  Just like a regular house, this dollhouse took a long time to make, almost 1440 hours! This dollhouse is due for a nice spring cleaning!  The dollhouse was unpacked room by room on Monday and now I am slowly going through those boxes and cleaning the furniture.  I started with the kitchen.


The furniture was a bit dusty, but there are so many handmade details in this dollhouse, it's amazing!  The kitchen accessories are already to go! Step one, done!  On to the next room!