By Peggy Derrick

When Stacy and Clinton say that matchy-matchy is not an acceptable style, this is what they are referencing: 1950s-1960s matching purse and handbag sets. Both of these sets were donated to LCHS in 1985 by Estero Schrabeck.  We estimate that both are from the 1960s: I think they would look perfectly at home in an episode of "Mad Men," don't you? 


While the black/tan/white shoes and black patent leather purse look rather sophisticated (Audrey Hepburn, maybe?), the bag and shoes covered in petit-point tapestry fabric are both chic and matronly. Ever so appropriate for church, or a PTA meeting. 

Regardless of what Stacy and Clinton say on "What Not to Wear," I found plenty of matching sets for sale on the Internet. I think matching still equates to "well put together" for many women.

Personally, would just find it too much trouble to have to move my stuff from one purse to another.